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With leading innovation and the latest technology, we help doctors change what’s possible in patient care.

From our first foundations, led by cardiologists – including our founder and Medical Director Dr Harry Mond – we’ve always looked at advances that deliver faster, higher quality cardiac data.

This single idea, to speed up diagnosis to get to the heart of the matter for cardiologists and their patients, led us to BeatBox, our global cardiac platform.


Developed to meet own growing demand, it solved challenges of manual handling, error risks and time lag communication – and instead made mobile cardiac reporting and instant data access possible.

Today, we deliver among the fastest turnarounds on volume cardiac data globally and our medical knowledge remains at our core, with quality assurance standards that remain unmatched.

Now in eight countries, including the United Stated, Australia, United Kingdom and Asia, we continue to grow to meet demand for our leading cardiac monitoring services.

Assoc Prof Harry Mond

Medical Director

CardioScan Medical Director Dr Harry Mond is a founding member of CardioScan and remains among the world’s top experts in the interpretation of ECG and Holter studies.

As an international educator and author of 260+ peer-reviewed manuscripts and books, he provides regular training and professional development to our team of certified cardiac technicians to ensure the highest clinical standards.

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Josh Casey

CEO Global

Josh Casey brings over 10 years’ experience in mid-market private businesses in an investment, advisory and management capacity.

Josh holds a Masters of Applied Finance from Macquarie University, is a graduate of the ICAA and holds a Commerce degree from the University of Melbourne.


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Medical knowledge remains at our core with 30+ years of cardiac reporting

Delivered by leading cardiologists and highly qualified cardiac technicians – along exacting quality assurance standards to ensure accurate diagnostic results.

Together with strong leadership in all our regions, we continue to deliver technology helps you keep pace and improve patient outcomes.

Victor Loh

Director of Finance
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Jaideep Singh Rai

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Aishlinn Corbin 

Chief of Staff
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Thungar Visagathilagar

Director of Clinical Operations
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Mark Deady

Head of Security
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Rebekah Staindl

Head of International Business Development
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Dr Brian Edis

Head of Paediatric Cardiology
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Kelvin Seow

CEO, CardioScan Asia

Kelvin Seow leads the CardioScan business across Asia. With over 25 years experience in the healthcare industry and an extensive background in sales, marketing and business development, Kelvin has an exceptional track record in transforming brands into thriving businesses. As the CEO of CardioScan Asia, Kelvin is leading our efforts to grow CardioScan across the region.

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Ian Cunningham

General Manager
United Kingdom

Ian Cunningham has over 20 years commercial experience in cardio-vascular devices within Europe, leading sales, marketing and operations.

He has more recently set-up and led the U.K. for a start-up company in wearable technologies and brings a wealth of experience in scaling up businesses with a core focus on customer service excellence.

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Suzanne Coulston

GM Cardiac Monitoring Service
(CardioScan USA)

Suzanne Coulston joined Cardiac Monitoring Services in 2001 and under her leadership CMS has become a leader in the field of Cardiac Services in the United States.

She brings more than 20 years of expertise in customer service and account management and is diligent and committed to making sure that each patient, physician and staff member receive the first-class level of service that sets Cardiac Monitoring Services apart.

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Francis Chan

General Manager
Hong Kong

Francis Chan is the General Manager of CardioScan Hong Kong. Francis is also the founder of Leon Medical Supplies and Chariot Pharma Ltd, a Hong Kong company distributing medical devices, generic drugs and health supplements to clinics, hospitals and pharmacies in Hong Kong and Macau for more than 15 years.

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David Yeoh

General Manager

Alongside his position as CardioScan Malaysia GM, David Yeoh is the founder and CEO of Beurotech Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian company providing medical devices for Johnson & Johnson and other major medical brands, distributing to clinics, hospitals and pharmacies for more than 9 years. Previously, David worked at Johnson and Johnson specialising in diabetes care for 6 years. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Western Michigan University.


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